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Russian Work Together - I U.S Policy Toward Russia a Russia...

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I. U.S. Policy Toward Russia a. Russia seemed to desire a world in which they were interwoven with the west, but some issues are raised – ethnic conflicts and terrorism. Wars over territory. US is looking for a mission/identity after the Cold War. From Russia, a communist Russia is not our friend and a democratic but also weak Russia is not our friend. To separate two warring groups someone needs to be neutral in the conflict – Russia would encourage two groups to fight and then step in as being neutral. Putin – Russian president offers help to George Bush after 9/11. A partnership with Russia. As Russia seeks to reassert itself as a great power, the idea is that perhaps we should shift to a new form of containment. b. Toward a New Containment? i. Shift from Internal to External 1. Want to influence things. Containment went from controlling externally than to internally and now back to external. ii. Mitigating Russia’s Energy Influence 1. Russia has been shutting down pipe lines when countries
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