28 - *1-“New Culture” Movement*2-Northern Expedition...

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Unformatted text preview: *1-“New Culture” Movement *2-Northern Expedition 3-Xian Incident 4-Second GMD-CCP Alliance or Second United 5-“Double Reductions” 6-“Three Principles of the People” *7-Civil War, 1945-49 8-“Mao Zedong Thought” 9-“New Democracy” 10-Land Reform 11-Thought Reform *12-Agricultural collectivization *13-Great Leap Forward *14-“Hundred Flowers” policy 15-Anti-rightist campaign *16-Cultural Revolution 17-Rural household responsibility system 18-“Democracy Wall” 19-Tiananmen incident, 1989 *20-“Grassroots democracy” *21-Chiang Kai-shek 22-Peng Dehuai *23-Liu Shaoqi 24-Lin Biao *25-Hu Yaobang *26-Deng Xiaoping *27-Jiang Zemin *28-Hu Jintao ...
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28 - *1-“New Culture” Movement*2-Northern Expedition...

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