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ModernChinaMajorQuestions - 1 Confucius ideas Ren and Li...

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1. Confucius ideas - “Ren” and “Li” - “Ren”—Perfect Virtue o Gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness. - “Li”—Rules of Propriety o If people are given punishment through rules of propriety, they will become good. (Rules). These include benevolence, righteousness, wisdom and good faith. - In Government, Confucius believed that his teachings held the key to good government. Said that a good government began with a ruler knowing how to behave. - He wanted to restore traditional Chinese values. Lao Zi - Based on theory, Tao. o Tao- Yin and Yang. They each carry forces that counter each other an form the world. They are not constant however; they can change and become the other. This was the understanding of the world. The Yin and the Yang were both good and bad at times. Meaning that there is nothing in world that absolute. Nothing absolutely good or bad Difference - Contradictory to Confucius idea, Lao Zi thought that to develop character you have to step back. Ex. A true man is not aware of his goodness, and is therefore good. A foolish man tries to be good, and is therefore not good. - Confucius thought that society functions through absolute terms and power hierarchy’s. As in Father to son and husband to wife. Lao the more regulations, the worse. He therefore takes no action and people are reformed; he enjoys peace and people become honest. He does nothing and people become rich.
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