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MEXICAN HISTORY - outcomes Yet it can also be argued that...

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Ruiz has given scholars and laymen alike an interesting interpretation of the Mexican revolution. Ruiz argues that Mexico did not experience a revolution but rather a rebellion. Although Ruiz makes some valuable points and supports his thesis with reliable sources, it would be premature to make a generalized critique of the Mexican revolution. By this I mean, it is true that some geographical areas in Mexico did not participate in the revolution and that many states had different experiences and
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Unformatted text preview: outcomes. Yet it can also be argued that sinse much of the new Mexican historiograghy is being conducted around subaltern communities, we are learning new ways of how to analyze and critique the so called "great rebellion." Overall, the book stimulates new ideas and controvercies about an event that changed the lives of Mexican's politically, economically, socially, and historically....
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