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Cultural Politics Obregan was elected as a president as the beginning of the consolidation also he was the general in the revolution. In1921 he met Villa and had a deal with him, he would give him a large estate as long as he didn’t cause any problems in the north. On the other hand he made a deal with the Zapatistas and agreed with them to agrarian reform which was to return land to peasants in the south and as long as the uprising calm down. He retired around 100,000 members of the army and also he organized the army. He allowed the revolutionary generals to go into the government and increase their salary. He was worrying about the army. Because since the independence, the generals had a history of violence . He solved that problem by buying them off. Also, they didn’t have as many troops to send in the overthrow the government. It all brought stability to Mexico. In 1923, Calles was going to run for president and it made the army upset. Pablo Gonzalez, Francisco Cerrano and others were executed. Obregon asked Jose Vasconcelos to be in charge of education and after he agreed with
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