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Demetrio Macias, is described in the Mariano Azuela novel The Underdogs. The novel takes place around the middle of the 1910’s which by all accounts was the bloodiest time during the Mexican Revolution. 1 The story describes how Macias is swept up into the revolution and the disastrous consequences that came with being involved with the revolution. By discussing the individual accounts of peasants that were fighting in the revolution, Azuela finds some clarity in a totally unclear situation. A complete lack of a sense of humanity is depicted within the male fighters of the book. This dehumanization had a profound effect on how the men viewed each other, but more importantly, shaped their views towards the women around them. Macias and his group of male fighters demonstrate the ludicrous situation that was taking place in Mexico. Through the writing style of the novel, the reader gains an understanding of how peasants were truly “swept up” into the revolution. Mariano Azuela  wrote novels, works for theatre and literary criticism. . Azuela wrote the novel Andrés Pérez, maderista in 1911, and Los de abajo, (or The Underdogs), in 1915. During his days in the Mexican Revolution , Azuela wrote about the war and its impact on Mexico . He served under President Francisco I. Madero as chief of political affairs in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco - his home town. After Madero's death, he joined the military forces of Julián Medina, a follower of
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EDITTTTTTT - Demetrio Macias, is described in the Mariano...

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