FINAL HIS 352L - Women in the Mexican Revolution Before the...

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Women in the Mexican Revolution Before the Revolution in Mexico from 1910-1917, women’s positions were not important in politics; they were staying at home and taking care of their children and working as a household but during the revolution their positions changed and were very helpful to the soldiers. As we know the Mexican Revolution was something unbelievable for Mexican people during the Revolution time. Historians have written many books and made many movies about the Mexican Revolution but in their movies and books they did not talk that much about Women’s positions which were some of the most important positions in the Revolution. After reading several different books about the Mexican Revolution I would say that Women played a huge role during the Revolution time and also they were the ones who were carrying the heavy burden of the War on their shoulders all the time during the Mexican Revolution. As the authors mentioned in their books a lot before the revolution women were limited to sex based roles in every aspect of their own life. Macias tells us in her book “women lived in the shadow of their husbands, dedicated to family life and church”. This could tell us that women’s positions were not involved with the politics and war issues. Women’s positions were to take care of their children, husbands, and church. When the revolution started everyone in the different ages and different gender received a call to arms from the revolutionists and Federal army. On the other hand Vaughn in her book tells us about the women’s positions. She tells us that the women’s 1
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positions were limited to the area of the social and political space in the post Revolution. Macias tells us that the Mexican revolution was the first social revolution of the twentieth century.
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FINAL HIS 352L - Women in the Mexican Revolution Before the...

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