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Map Quiz Prompt Map quiz prompt for Monday 6 June 2011 The map quiz is simple and it can be completed simply by reference to the attached  “Mexico map” (also found on the Blackboard page under “Assignments”) and this  prompt. There will be about 50 questions with 20-25 minutes or so in which to answer. You will need to study the map and be able to:  (i) Recall the names of  all  Mexican States and insert them on a  blank  map;  (ii) Locate the states  correctly  on the blank map of Mexico; (iii) Correctly identify the names of state  capitals ; (iv) Remember which states correspond to the following Mexican regions 
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Unformatted text preview: which were, at different times, very important during the revolution: El Bajío (MICHOACAN, QUERETARO, GUANAJUATO), and La Laguna (DURANGO, COAHUILA) The map quiz will be graded upon completion. It is worth 10% of the course grade. NB: The map you will be given is blank, so you will need to be able to write from memory the names of the respective states and state capitals rather than transpose them from a list. You will not have a list of the states before you . MB...
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