The Uderdog 6 - In Mexicos war torn history the Mexican...

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In Mexico’s war torn history the Mexican Revolution from 1910 to around 1920 is an exceptional case of violence in the name of social change. Lasting for ten years the Mexican Revolution, had a lasting impact on Mexico’s economy and had a huge cost of human life. The Revolution began for many reasons, including the declining economy, the problem of succession, and the lower classes dislike of the regime. The revolution, continued, however, for so many years for reasons of betrayal and self interest, from 1910 to 1920 Mexico saw numerous regime changes. Diaz kept Mexico together largely thanks to the state of the economy. Unfortunately for Diaz there was an economic recession in 1907 which brought prosperity in Mexico to an end. The time of prosperity not only kept the middle class happy, but also allowed Diaz to maintain his deals with the political bosses. From 1897 to 1907 a middle class of “small mine owners, landowners, and merchants, as well as shopkeepers, tradesman, non-elite professionals, foreman, teachers, and shift bosses greatly increased in numbers.” (Wasserman 224) This growing middle class did not get the same political treatment as the elite class, the middle class stayed content, however, because of the economic prosperity of the time. That prosperity came to an abrupt halt in 1907 though with places like Chihuahua where, “The number of small scale enterprises dropped by thirty-five percent.” (Wasserman 224) Following the depression members of the middle class became the leaders of the Anti-reelection movement. The depression did not just turn the middle class against Diaz. The elites of the upper class were also affected by the depression. Diaz kept the elites happy with a system of deals and arrangements made possible by the economic prosperity the country
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had in the years prior to 1907. The depression of 1907 ended some of those deals and arrangements, unfortunately these deals were the only things keeping the elites content with Diaz’s government. The loss of economic prosperity resulted in conflicts over economic interests, labor resources, and opened “old political wounds”. (Wassermann 225) The elites really lost patients with Diaz when, during a draught, Diaz “sided with a
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The Uderdog 6 - In Mexicos war torn history the Mexican...

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