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ICAP Individual and Team Assignments Self-Introduction Individual 1 - Blackboard Individual Profile o Include the following: A brief introduction of you, your career goals and interest in life Add recent picture of you included in the text Valid Contact Information (Phone and Email) Unit 1 – Thinking Team 1 – Deconstruction of Annual Report and CEO Letter to the Shareholders Unit 2 – STEEP and Internal Analysis Individual 2 – SEAM diagnostic of the company you currently work or have worked for Team 1 – STEEP diagnostic Team 2 – Internal diagnostic (SEAM)
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Unformatted text preview: Unit 3 Competitive Intelligence Research Individual 3 Participant Observation Individual 4 Interview Report Team 1 Secondary Data Analysis Team 2 Interview Construction and Analysis Team 3 Individual Assignment 3 Team/Class Discussion Unit 4 Strategy in Action and Performance Evaluation Team 1 Opportunity identification and Operational Strategy Formulation; & Budgeting and Forecasting Analysis Individual Exist Interview Five-Year Plan and Resume...
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