Hinduism - Speech # 2 HINDUISM General Purpose: To inform...

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Speech # 2 HINDUISM General Purpose : To inform Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about the basic concepts of Hinduism. Central Ideas : Hinduism, the non-universalizing ethnic religion, consists of strong caste systems, believes on socio religious practices about reincarnation and worship various gods among 33 million total gods by different sects. INTRODUCTION 1. Attention getter– (A) Have you ever come across any religion where discrimination begins by birth based on a caste system? Strong belief on the caste systems discriminates the lower caste against religious practices and deprived them off from entering into religious shrines including the houses of upper castes. (B) The Hinduism emphasizes on the Santana Dharma ( trans . “continuation of religious practice from time immemorial”) that is based on the ritual and social observances and ascetic practices. (C) Santana Dharma does not have a starting point in history and a specific founder. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the history that has been in existence since 7000 years ago. Almost 900 millions people follow Hindu religion and these followers are distributed worldwide (D) I am interested to share with you today this first hand idea associated with this religion, because I am from Nepal and also follow this religion. I am following this religion as a continuation of my tradition and cultural traits that has inspired me to be honest, cooperative, and energetic to accomplish task for the well being of every human kind. However, I also have some reservation about some aspects of this religion. (E) Originally, Hinduism was a very complicated religion, but in the modern world, its followers started caring about the Human dignity and do not follow its ritual worship that believe on maximum hardship of life. (II) Preview: In this topic, first, I will explain how Hinduism is considered as ethnic religion despite being many followers. Second, I will explain how the caste system discriminates the social life. Third, I will explain, how the belief of reincarnation helps to continue the practice of religion but also the social discrimination, and Fourth, I will also explain about Hindu sect that worship various Gods.
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Transition - Now that we know what Hinduism is. In the following paragraphs, I am going to explain various beliefs and concepts of
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Hinduism - Speech # 2 HINDUISM General Purpose: To inform...

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