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Performance Critique On the evening of Sunday June 20 th 2004, I went to watch the performance on “Julius Caesar” at Southmorland Park, during the Heart of America, Shakespeare festival. This show was free for all. It was held in an open park. Although it was free, visitors were asked to voluntarily donate some money. I donated for a badge and pin embalmed “Julius Caesar.” I reached Southmorland Park 15 minutes before the show began in order to see the surrounding environment and also to find a seat nearby the stage so that I could see and write the incidences clearly. I was very much enthusiastic to watch this show because I have not seen a live show of “Julius Caesar” like this. There was a mixture of audience. Some of them were senior citizens, some were children, while some were young couples. There were enough volunteers to guide the audience. Though the weather was good, the turnout of the audience was a little low. However, there were many passersby, who were coming for a while and leaving after a quick observation of the show. The stage was arranged very systematically. Food and drinks were sold in different places for individual purchases. The lighting conditions were arranged in such as way that the total environment was looking as if it was a scene of the 44 B.C. Lighting arrangements have added another dimension to this stage to give a look of the 44 B.C. to this stage. Additionally, different lighting colors such as blue, red and pink were giving impressions that sometimes the stage was represented like a real Roman palace, sometimes it looked like a war torn place, sometimes a place for the senate, while some times it was imitating as if a place for elitist. Likewise, some times the stage was organized to represent a place for feudal while sometimes it was made like a funeral
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place. I liked their settings. It was really remarkable to see how different colors were changed to give different backgrounds. More astonishing features were the lightings corresponding to different dialogues. The sound management was outstanding; I had an impression that no one had missed a single word even though they were far away from the stage. The sound boxes were arranged all around the park. Even the people, who wanted to go the rest rooms, did not miss a single dialogue, I believe. Now I am going to critically present about the performance and the actors. Before the show began, a man of the young age was entertaining the guests by
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Julias Caesar. doc - Performance Critique On the evening of...

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