religion of different countries

religion of different countries - Religion of different...

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Religion of different countries Myanmar Like most of Southeast Asia's countries, in Myanmar Theravada Buddhism is the predominant religion with about 89.4 percent of the people embracing it. The Barman’s are Buddhists except for minimal numbers of Christians (4%) and Muslims (4%). The other hill peoples are animists except for a small number of Kayah Buddhists and Kachin and Chin Christians, and even they practice animism to some degree. Myanmar became a world center of the Theravada Buddhism by the start of the 12 th Century A.D. Successive kings and their subjects choose to glorify their faith through the lavish and ambitious construction of monuments and Buddhist culture. Islam and Hinduism are practiced mainly by people of Indian origin. Myanmar is a country priding itself where all the major religions of the world flourish side by side in complete harmony and understanding. Successive Myanmar Governments had encouraged and supported various religions to be able to practice their faith peacefully. Today, the present Myanmar Government is not only continuing the same policy but is in the process of promoting and cooperating with religions of all faiths in Myanmar. Because of this standard practice and understanding, Myanmar does not suffer or come across situation where one religion comes into serious conflict with another. Maldives
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Maldives is the smallest predominantly muslim nation in the world.   Adherence to Islam nearly all of the nation's approximately 300,000 people are Muslims.   Until recently, pre- Islamic history was ignored. But while the contribution of pre-Islamic culture is now appreciated, a non-believer still cannot become a citizen of the Republic of Maldives.   The president of the Maldives has declared that the island nation has no room for any religion other than Islam, and has accused foreigners of seeking to destroy the religious unity of the people by introducing other faiths. When King, Dhovimi Kalaminja (Sri Bavana MahaaRadhun) was ruling Maldives, an Arab named Abul Barakaath came to Maldives from North Africa. At that time there was a practice of offering a virgin every month to a spirit called "Rannamaari", which was said to appear from the sea. Abul Barakaath made the spirit not to appear any more by reciting the Holy Qur'an. Convinced by the faith of Islam, the King and the people became Muslims. Since there is no space for other
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religion of different countries - Religion of different...

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