self critique about hinduism

self critique about hinduism - without rushing with...

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Self Critique In my second speech I choose the topic Hinduism, because I my self is Hindu. I would like to inform my colleagues about my culture and religion. That also meets my assignment because my speech was informative speech. When I watched my speech in videotape that I had deliver on March 3,2004 for comm. 1000 class. It was 5-6 min. speech. I prepared well for this speech before I presented in the class. When I watched I was confused, because tape was not clear that way I was not able to see my facial expression, eye contact but sound was ok. was writing my self critique based on just to listen my vibrate voice. I like this assignment because I am able to know what I did well and what I missed during speech. That way I can improve my speech for near future. First I was found my self little nervous but after a while I was ok. Began speech
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Unformatted text preview: without rushing with audience attention and I reveal the topic and preview clearly to the audience so audience know what they are going to listen in this speech. In the body my main point are clear and fully supported but I feel I was using some vocal pause during that I need to improve for next speech. My language was clear but not confirm about appropriate language because my accent was British. I was prepared audience for the end of the speech with vivid ending. I used a visual aid with suitable poster related to my topic but later I realized that I suppose to do with way such as transparency or distribute after the speech. In conclusion, overall I am satisfied with my speech that meets my assignment and completed within the time limit. But I have to control my nervousness and talk a little bit slower during my next speech. Thank you....
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self critique about hinduism - without rushing with...

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