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Self critique In my third speech, I choose the topic laptop vs Desktop, which I had delivered on March 31 st 2004 for comm. 1000 class. My assignment was about comparative advantages/disadvantages of a persuasive speech. I did to determine the audience’s interest by survey. My speech assignment primary required a survey of the audience and other who frequently use these one of the computers that help me to determine attitude towards the topic of my audience. Half my audience are in favor of my topic. I like this assignment very much because it gave me an opportunity to review my own speech performance what I did well and what I did not in my speech. In my third speech, I feel more comfortable than in my previous speech. I was very cautious not to repeat a short- coming that I noticed in my first presentation. When I watched my video, I felt that I began my speech without rushing and tried to control my nervousness but still sometimes I felt nervous and started rushing through my speech. However, after a while, I was more determined and formed. At the beginning
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