geos exam 3 outline

geos exam 3 outline - I DESERTS Deserts are areas that...

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I. DESERTS Deserts are areas that receive an avg annual precip of less than 250 mm or 10 inches a year Deserts cover about 1/5 of the earths surface Deserts form because they are closer to the equator and solar incidence at the equator is at a nearly a right angle Global air circulation is driven by warm moist air rising near the equator and cold air sinking near the poles Global air circulation consists of three main cells: Hadley Cell, Ferrel Cell, and Polar cell Jet streams flow along the boundaries of these cells Global circulation is defected by earth turning under the flowing air (the Coriolis effect) II. EARTHQUAKES Earthquakes are ground shaking caused by seismic waves They get their seismic energy as rocks snap to their preferred shape after a break, which is more common at plate boundaries San Francisco Earthquake (1906) quake caused massive fire estimated 3,000 fatalities A rock deformation can be elastic or plastic - elastic deformation: object returns to its original state when stress is removed ( ie rubber band, tennis racquet) -plastic deformation: obeject does not return to its orginal shape when stress removed (ie chewing gum) this stress causes strain and then failure, strain: is change in shape of a body caused by applied force plastic deformation produces folds : anticline (up) and syncline (down)
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geos exam 3 outline - I DESERTS Deserts are areas that...

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