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Phil 1204 Essay Questions

Phil 1204 Essay Questions - Phil 1204 Essay Question 1 The...

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Phil 1204 Essay Question 1: The puzzle concerning knowledge acquisition raised in the Meno is whether or not it is possible to learn knowledge. Plato suggests that it is impossible to acquire knowledge because you already know it and are simply recalling it. Based on this rationale Plato concludes that the only form of knowledge that exits is a priori knowledge-(knowledge that is independent of experience/conceptual/mathematical/definitional) and that a posteriori knowledge doesn’t exist. Slave boy example: -ignorant of Geometry - when asked questions by Socrates Slave boy gives right answer and knows it is the right answer -didn’t remember before because he wasn’t prompted but according to Plato when he was recalling what he already knew -claim is that the eternal soul has all the knowledge - Socrates demonstrates “inferential knowledge” – postulate: this infers that slave boy knew of geometry before based on examples/patterns viewed throughout his life thus
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