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Exam _3 Review_1 - Exam #3 Review This review is...

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Exam #3 Review This review is comprehensive. Remember that exams are 50 multiple choice questions. Topics from Chapter 11: Diversity Be able to define diversity. Know the advantages to managing diversity in your organization (market access, international competition, points of view, and team performance). Know the challenges in managing diversity (all aspects). Understand the differences between diversity and affirmative action and challenges associated with these differences. Understand how to build on diversity through: o Mentoring o Diversity learning labs o Top management commitment o Linking diversity initiatives to strategic planning o Management responsibility and accountability o Diversity audits o Developmental activities o Diversity networks o Accommodating family needs Topics from Chapter 14: Teams Define what a team is. o Be able to explain synergy. Define what a work group is (that is, how is it different from a team?) List and explain the four benefits of teams. o Costs and productivity o Quality improvements o Speed improvements o Innovation Be able to define and indicate features of the different types of teams. o
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Exam _3 Review_1 - Exam #3 Review This review is...

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