MAN 3025 Syllabus Summer TR PSL 2009

MAN 3025 Syllabus Summer TR PSL 2009 - INTRODUCTION TO...

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INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT & ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR MAN 3025, SECTION 004 Room MU 201 Professor: David Herst Office Hours: Port St. Lucie (MU 228): Office Phone: 772-873-3316 Email: [email protected] Web Site: This is a web-assisted course. All course announcements, documents, grades, etc. will be handled through Blackboard. Text: Gomez-Mejia, L.R., Balkin, D.B., & Cardy, R.L. (2006). Management: People, Performance, Change, 3 rd ed. New York, New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN #978-0-07-302743-2 Course Description This course provides an introduction to managerial principles and practices with emphasis on planning, organizing, and staffing. It will also include information on leading and control procedure techniques within the context of an organization – “a group of people working together in a structured and coordinated fashion to achieve a set of goals.” Management is “defined as a set of activities (including planning and decision making, organizing, leading and controlling) directed at an organization’s resources (human, financial, physical, and information), with the aim of achieving organizational goals in an efficient and effective manner.” A behavioral science foundation will be utilized within the framework of current knowledge and research on organizational behavior. The environmental context of Management will also be explored, with particular emphasis on the global, multicultural and ethical issues now confronting organizations. Objectives To provide a comprehensive overview of organizational behavior concepts. Provide a functional and practical understanding of how individuals, groups, and organizational structures impact organizational effectiveness. Analysis of organizational contexts and the application of OB concepts to improve effectiveness.
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Course Requirements Grading by Points Item Number and Points Item Points Exams 3 @ 100 points each 300 Discussion Point Paper 1 @ 50 points 50 Contemporary Issue Paper 1 @ 40 points 40 In-Class Team Assignments 3 @ 20 points each 60 Extra Credit – not included in total points. 1 @ 10 points 10 Total = 450 points Grading by percentage of total points: 93%-100%=A; 90%-92%=A-; 87%-89%=B+; 83%- 86%=B; 80%-82%=B-; 77%-79%=C+; 73%-76%=C; 70%-72%=C-; 67%-69%=D+; 63%- 66%=D; 60%-62%=D-; Less than 60%=F Exams The three exams given during the semester will each consist of 40 multiple-choice questions and one essay. These examinations are non-cumulative. You are responsible for bringing a green scantron sheet and a #2 pencil to all exams.
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MAN 3025 Syllabus Summer TR PSL 2009 - INTRODUCTION TO...

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