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Brockmiller 1 Lauren Brockmiller ENG111 Inquiry III Missy Finan November 9 th , 2010 BP: Enough Said On April 20 th , 2010, there was an explosion and fire on a BP licensed drilling zone(BP Oil Spill Timeline). Seventeen people were injured and eleven were reported missing. This tragedy was the beginning of a very long process that everyone has started referring to as “The Oil Spill.” Did BP do all they could to avoid this mess? On May 1 st , 2010 the U.S. Coast Guard announced that this recent oil spill would affect the Gulf Coast(BP Oil Spill Timeline). This is when all hell broke loose; for both BP and for those who owned houses or worked in the Gulf. This oil spill negatively affected workers in the Gulf in many different ways. The American people are wary about buying shrimp and other seafood from the gulf. Lesso, a shrimp merchant who lives along the Gulf Coast, and who has an
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Brockmiller 2 entire freezer full of shrimp, says that he is having a hard time selling. He stated "Buyers don't have to take domestic shrimp anymore. They can buy imports all day long at cheaper prices so why would they take a chance on hurting their customers in restaurants?" (Wardell, Jane) Not only did the work industry take a hit from the spill, but also the tourism industry. BP offered to pay for the damages created by the oil spill. BP kept this promise, but for some it was too late. "I feel like they did what they said they were going to do, but we lost the business,” says Danielle Yarbrough who owned a Bar-B-Que restaurant in
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BP Paper - Brockmiller 1 Lauren Brockmiller ENG111 Inquiry...

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