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BP Reflection - Brockmiller 1 Lauren Brockmiller Missy...

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Brockmiller 1 Lauren Brockmiller Missy Finan ENG III 12/2/10 Inquiry IV Reflection For Inquiry IV, I did a presentation on my Inquiry III paper. This paper was about the recent BP Oil Spill. I chose to use Windows Movie maker to make this presentation, because, well I didn’t want to do much talking. But it turned out that much talking wasn’t needed for this presentation, it basically spoke for itself. My inspiration for this Public Service Announcement was the Sara McGlaughlin Commercials. The ones with the sad looking cats and dogs where she’s trying to get you to donate money to, I believe it’s the ASPCA. My PSA is basically modeled after these commercials and after watching one of these, it just came to me, bit became much easier than just trying to randomly make up the feel of the PSA. My rhetorical purpose of this presentation was to play with the emotions of my audience and show them all the things that this oil spill did to all the animals. No one can resist a poor
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Brockmiller 2 defenseless animal. So why not play that up to get my point
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