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Course Evaluation - should have remembered It was nice to...

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Lauren Brockmiller Missy Finan Inquiry V 12/7/10 Course Evaluation In this course, we learned about many things. The main one was the use of rhetoric. We talked about Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. We examined multiple ads and commercials for their ethos pathos and logos. Being a marketing major, these mean a lot to me because they are going to be used a lot. I have come to realize that Ads are not just cool ideas that people come up with. They have meaning behind every little thing they put in the ad or commercial. Colors mean certain things. I also learned that subliminal advertising is not legal. I had no idea that this was true. Secondly, I learned a lot about MLA format. I thought that I knew everything about MLA because I used it all through High School. I found that I knew nothing about in text citations. I also had a few mishaps in citing my sources. I forgot multiple times to indent the second line. I forgot little things that I
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Unformatted text preview: should have remembered. It was nice to have a teacher there who was understanding, and pointed out what I did wrong, but also gave constructive criticism. I also learned a lot about things outside of class. Those are always the most helpful classes, where you learn stuff outside of class. Things like learning how to present, and how to deal with new people. I learned things like safety on the internet, how to be quiet for other teachers, and many, many other things that will help me through my journey in life. I think I enjoyed this English class so much because it wasn’t about nouns and verbs and sentences. It was about really learning the information. Our teacher showed us how to do things by actually doing them, Or by using visual examples. It was very nice to have someone teach the way that I learn....
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Course Evaluation - should have remembered It was nice to...

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