Journal 2 - this, without technology forces you to think of...

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Brockmiller 1 Lauren Brockmiller Halcomb Eng 111 Due 8/2/10 No Technology? In today’s society, going a day without checking your phone or facebook would be very hard. It’s how people communicate. Technology keeps us updated constantly. In spite of how prevalent technology has become, I have gone a week without it; actually, multiple weeks. I have been going to Kanakuk Christian Athletic Camps since I was in second grade, and I absolutely love it. I plan to be a counselor there for a summer or two during my college career. While at this camp, I have learned what it is like to live without technology. They make you put your cell phone and iPod in a safe at the beginning of the week. From there, there is no way to communicate with the “outside world” except the old fashion way: writing letters. Living like
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Unformatted text preview: this, without technology forces you to think of things differently. You make friends easier, because you do not have your phone to immerse yourself in when things become uncomfortable. You can’t constantly check facebook, or Tweet about what you are doing right this very moment. Instead, you are forced to live in the moment, to enjoy everything going on around you. Although I agree that technology has advanced our way of living, and maybe even the quality of life in general. I also agree that it is good to take a break from it sometimes. It is good to put down your cell phone for a while and just enjoy life as it is happening around you. It is Brockmiller 2 good to turn off the iPod and listen to the sounds of nature that are always happening around you. It’s good to just simply live....
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Journal 2 - this, without technology forces you to think of...

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