Journal 4 - backwards and kind of hear something I think...

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Lauren Brockmiller ENG 111 Halcomb 9/16/10 Journal 4 Going into this assignment, I had my mind set. “Subliminal messaging or advertising is a bunch of crap.” As I read about the different theories, my mind hasn’t changed. I think subliminal messaging is a hoax. I find it hard to believe that something you don’t consciously notice can influence something you do. After a while, you do think of why you do things, and almost always come up with an answer. I have never once thought “Oh I did that because the commercial told me to.” On the other hand, I do think that music can use subliminal messages. Now I’m not talking about the kind where you play it
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Unformatted text preview: backwards and kind of hear something. I think those are made up as well. I’m talking about the lyrics some of today’s bands use. The suggestive lyrics a lot of songs now are outrageous. Also, they target a younger age. This summer, I was talking to my cousin who is 12. When I asked her what her favorite song is she said “Take Your Shirt Off.” I was completely dumbstruck. When I was her age I was listening to Aaron Carter and the Backstreet boys. The way music targets younger people isn’t as “Subliminal” as you would like to think, but they do have hidden motives....
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Journal 4 - backwards and kind of hear something I think...

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