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Paper Three Summary - their reservations over the summer we...

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Lauren Brockmiller ENG 111 Summary Oil Spill For inquiry III I have chosen to write about the recent Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I have chosen to write about this because it is something that affected me personally. My family has a beach house in Florida that happens to be on the gulf. Because of this oil spill, my family lost a significant amount of money. We rent out the house, so it usually pays for itself with the rent and everything. But because of people canceling
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Unformatted text preview: their reservations over the summer, we lost quite a bit of money having to keep up with all the house payments and maintenance. This can be examined from both sides in that I can tell you about one side, all the negative effects it has caused and how people blame BP for everything. But I can also examine the conflict from BPs side and show how they really did try to do everything possible to fix the problem....
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