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Think about your past experience with writing. What are some of the ways you write everyday? What are the differences between academic writing and informal writing? Think about your audience and purpose- would you write differently for different situations? Provide Examples. Write a short paragraph, and respond to each others work. This assignment is intended for you to get to know each other (and increase participation) Enjoy Every day we write. We write through text messaging, email, academic writing, and through notes we make to ourselves. The difference between this writing and academic writing is the formality of it. When you are writing a text message or email you might use
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Unformatted text preview: slang like gunna or yall when you are writing an academic paper, you never use contractions but instead you write out words like going to or it is. Writing for audiences also influences the way you use words, and how you choose to string them together. You would not read a text book to a four year old, because thats not who theyre written for. Who, what, when, where, and why are what you are writing for influence the way you write, and they always have to be taken into account....
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