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Big Fat Liability Case - owners of the companies 2 The...

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Lauren Brockmiller BUS 101 Dr. Barr 1) Who are the key stakeholders in this case? (Key stakeholders are usually the subset of primary stakeholders with the most to gain/lose by the problems addressed in the case.) 2) What are their interests? (Be as specific as you can here.) 3) What is this case about? (This is called “framing the issue(s) in the case. You can have more than one answer here, depending on how you look at the case and who you decide the key stakeholders are.) 1. The key stakeholders in this case are the consumers of fast food, and
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Unformatted text preview: owners of the companies. 2. The owners of the companies interests is obviously their health. The owner’s interests is to not lose money in the lawsuits that followed the one of McDonalds. 3. This case is about the battle between stakeholders. It is also about consumers finding something to blame for the surgeon gengeral’s warning. It in no way could be their fault, we always have to find someone else to blame....
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