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Cisco Case - surrounding community was divided There are...

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Lauren Brockmiller Bus 101 1/13/11 Dr. Barr Cisco Case The first case that I read was the case about Cisco Systems. Cisco is a business that makes internet modems, routers, services, switches and routers. They are also talking about expanding their business. They plan to expand into an industrial park. There are a lot of supporters of this move. There are also a lot of non-supporters. Supporters were those in the immediate area who knew that this plan would bring lots of new customers to surrounding businesses. The chamber of commerce also supported the move. They claimed that Cisco’s new establishment would not only pay for itself, but for a lot more as well. Non-supporters included people on the outskirts of the town, and the neighboring towns. They claimed that this new facility would clog up the streets, and hurt the already suffering economy. Along with these close “neighbors,” environmentalists hated the idea as well. They claimed that the new facility and all the new transportation would be horrible for the environment. So, the
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Unformatted text preview: surrounding community was divided. There are many stakeholders in this case. The employees are very important. The owners are important as well. They are where the money for the expansion comes from. If the building doesn’t occur, the company may lose funding from the owners. The people in the surrounding communities are also stakeholders. Their businesses and daily lives will be directly affected by this move of the company. The suppliers may be affected because if the move isn’t made, there may not be as high of a demand as there is now because the company will not be able to handle all the incoming orders. I would assume consumers would be happy with the move in that they may get their order faster. In all, I think the company should make the move and start the process of expanding. Every business needs to expand. Especially if they’re overwhelmed by the amount of work they have going on right now. I feel like it would be in the best interest....
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