Ford Case - like the Ford dealerships and random tire...

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Lauren Brockmiller BUS 101 Due 2/2/10 Dr. Barr Ford Firestone Case The key stakeholders in this case would be the customers. The tires breaking really only effects Ford, and Firestone and the customers/consumers. Both Ford and Firestone could be considered the firm in this case because of the role they play. The key stakeholders (consumers) have many interests here. The main one would be their safety. No one wants to buy an unsafe car or unsafe tires. As for “framing” the case so that it involves suppliers, I could say that the suppliers knew something was wrong and continued to supply Firestone with the parts to make these defective tires that were costing lives. There is something wrong with that. Yes, I know business is business, but how could these people sleep at night knowing they were providing parts that ultimately killing people? The impact that could be made would be with the suppliers,
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Unformatted text preview: like the Ford dealerships, and random tire stores. Their sales would drop dramatically when in reality, it’s not really their fault. One part of the supply chain that worked right was the production of their tires. They had a surplus of tires when this was all over. I also think that one part of the supply chain that was being neglected was the fact that Firestone knew their tires were defective way before all this started happening and they didn’t stop production of the defective tires. I think that the final decision that involved Ford and Firestone being responsible for the tires is wrong. I think that this is purely a manufacturing problem. I know that Ford knew about the problem, but as their sole tire provider what were they supposed to do? They could tell people that the tire company was having problems and lose lots of money, or just let it play out....
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  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Firestone, Firestone and Ford tire controversy, Bridgestone, defective tires

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Ford Case - like the Ford dealerships and random tire...

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