Ford Pinto Case

Ford Pinto Case - of that people died. This is purely the...

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Lauren Brockmiller BUS 101 Dr. Barr Due 3/27/11 Ford Pinto Case The stakeholders in this case are obviously the owners as well as the consumers. The owners want to make money, as owners always do. The consumers want a safe, cheap car. These interests conflict in that the owners want to make money, so they want to keep the car cheap so it will sell more. The consumers want a cheap car, but they also want safety which always costs money. This case is about employees of the company doing the wrong thing. They obviously should not have passed the car with the safety results they got. These cars costs lives. It would have cost very little to fix the problems with the Pinto, but Ford went ahead with manufacturing the unsafe car. A company should use morals to decide something like this. If something is going to cost lives, it shouldn’t be done. It’s as simple as that. People shouldn’t risk their lives when buying a car. When you buy a car, you assume it meets safety guidelines. This Pinto did not, and because
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Unformatted text preview: of that people died. This is purely the fault of the company. Everyone in the company is responsible because most of them knew about the dangers of the car, but most didn’t take a stand to get them changed. I would apply Friedman and Freeman’s theory to this case in that safety should come first. Friedman does say that the CEO’s sole responsibility is to make money, but in this case, the company is losing money because they had to pay for medical bills and help the family out. Freeman says that managers should be unconstrained, but this case shows us what happens when managers aren’t constrained or just ignore the constraints, people die. Context always matters in business, this case really depends on what perspective you’re looking at the case from. From a consumer’s point of view, the company did the wrong thing, and from a business point of view, the business did the right thing. It always depends on how you’re looking at the case....
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Ford Pinto Case - of that people died. This is purely the...

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