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Lauren Brockmiller BUS 101 Group Project Due March 18 th 2011 Personal VS Professional This article actually presents two cases. The first is about Chrysler Group who had an employee of an agency who handled the Chrysler twitter account post about how bad Detroit drivers are. The second case is about an Aflac employee (the voice of the duck) who posted jokes about the victims in Japan on twitter. Chrysler is a car company, and Aflac an Insurance agency. Our group should use this case because it is very relevant to world happenings now. We all know what Chrysler is and what the Aflac Duck sounds like, and are familiar with facebook,
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Unformatted text preview: youtube and twitter. We all know just how much it can affect our personal lives, but this shows the effect it has on our professional lives as well. The key stakeholders in both of these aspects are the owners. They are both loosing key marketing people and the companies are going to suffer from that, which in turn will make the owners suffer. This article can be found at:
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