Inland Bank Case

Inland Bank Case - shuts down the branches in the...

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Lauren Brockmiller Bus 101 1/13/11 Dr. Barr Inland Bank Case This case is about Inland Bank. This bank recently bought out another bank and is struggling to figure out which branches to keep open and which to close. There are two major decisions that need to be made. The first is whether or not to close the branch. After that, the decision that follows needs to be whether or not to put an ATM in its place. There are many stakeholders in this case. The first would have to be the community. If a bank shuts down, how will the community react? Will they reject the incoming bank? Many customers are very loyal to their bank, and would have a hard time accepting all the new changes and adjustments. The second stakeholder would have to be the employees of the bank. If INB
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Unformatted text preview: shuts down the branches in the questioned cities, what will happen to the jobs of the people who currently work there? Where will they go? Because these people work in this bank, could they spread a bad name for the bank if they get fired? INB already has a bad rap in the cities in question. People of Rockdale say that INB cares more about the money than the people. That is NEVER something a company wants. You always want to put customers first. The quote of the day on the second day of class was something to this effect. It stated that if we are nice to customers, revenue is sure to follow. It never fails....
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Inland Bank Case - shuts down the branches in the...

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