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Lauren Brockmiller Dr. Barr BUS 101 1. Who are the key stakeholders in this case? (Remember, key stakeholders are usually a subset of the primary stakeholders with the most to gain/lose by the problems presented in the case). How do you know who the key stakeholders are? 2. What are the key stakeholders’ interests? (Be as specific as you can be here). 3. How will you frame the issue in this case in terms that in some way involve consumers/customers? 4. What is the impact (potential or real) on, or concern of other primary stakeholders not directly discussed in this case? 5. Odwalla was not legally obligated to recall their product when they did because it was still unclear what was responsible for the e-coli contamination. If you were CEO of the company, what decision would you have made and why? 6. Do the CEO’s actions regarding the recall uphold his fiduciary responsibility to Odwalla’s owners? Do his actions uphold the rights of consumers? Explain your answers. 1.
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