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Summary Editing Assignment - the lives of the people in the...

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Step 2 – Edit the Summary Adichie recently gave a speech regarding stereotypes that exist throughout the world. Children are vulnerable to stories but reading is necessary. We need to read in variety. All too often individuals are pitied or written off because of first impressions. Reading stories helps children and people discover who they are and the differences between each other. We judge people who are not like us and a story can change that. She wisely warns that there is never just a single story about a place or people. Sometimes, if the single story we hear is negative, we will assume that
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Unformatted text preview: the lives of the people in the story are entirely negative, like Adichie did with her servant’s family. Do not make judgments about others until one has adequate information to support their claim. With just one story we create a persona of a people. Stereotypes are incomplete representations of others. Multiple stories ensure a broad understanding. We must strive to be fair and even when it comes to others. To prevent stereotypes we must be open. Do not pay attention to just a single story....
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