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The World is Flat assignment

The World is Flat assignment - “Globalization 2.0,” was...

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Lauren Brockmiller BUS101 Barr Tom Friedman is talking about how the world is flat. He provides many examples of this. The first is when he talks about the Japanese speaking Chinese people who are working in the back of Japanese companies. There are thousands of these people, and they are making the world flat by bringing countries together. The second way Friedman talks about the playing field being leveled is through the new system that MacDonald’s is using in certain locations. When you speak into the little boxes, it is taking your order and picture and sending it to Colorado springs where they then “zap” it back and it is matched up to your order when you pull up to the window. He also talks about the three different eras of Globalization. The first is “Globalization 1.0” and lasted from 1492 to 1820. This era brought the world from large to medium. The next era,
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Unformatted text preview: “Globalization 2.0,” was from 1820 to 2000, which brought the world from medium to small. In this era, you went global through your company. We are now in the third era changes the world from small to “tiny.” This era is built around individuals globalizing. He talks about 10 days that flattened the world. The first is11/9/89. This is when the Berlin wall came down. The second day is 8/9/85. Netscape went public. It was the first thing to bring the internet “alive.” The third flattener was “workflow.” This includes all the software we use on a daily basis. Fourth is outsourcing. Fifth, offshoring, sixth, open sourcing. Seventh, eighth and ninth, are supply chaining, insourcing, informing, respectively. The tenth, is the “steroids,” which turbo charge all of the previous nine flatteners....
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