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Of mice and men paper - Lauren Brockmiller ENG112 Evelyn...

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Lauren Brockmiller ENG112 Evelyn Brown 5/18/11 Of Fish and Sea Creatures This project was particularly difficult for us to make a decision about. When we first came together, we had the idea to make a “pop-up book.” We had no idea what kind of book we were going to use, we were leaning towards a fairytale. As our first real meeting rolled around, we discussed the classic book, Of Mice and Men . We threw out many different character ideas. Many of the ideas came from current movies, with our own twist. One of these ideas included toys, obviously coming from Toy Story. This was an idea that we were stuck on for quite some time. As we tried talking through the main points of the original novel, we could not figure out how to “kill” a toy. Do you rip an arm off? Does the toy get lost? Losing a toy would require us to introduce a character that was not in the original novel, thus changing the story line of the novel itself. As we continued to talk through it, we came up with the idea of fish. This presented a way for us to show that Lennie has a “problem.” It was easy to make Lennie different, dull, colors. Children would be able to see that he has a problem because he is different. It gave us a
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Of mice and men paper - Lauren Brockmiller ENG112 Evelyn...

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