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The Shadow Of The Wind Paper

The Shadow Of The Wind Paper - Brockmiller 1 Lauren...

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Brockmiller 1 Lauren Brockmiller ENG 112 Due 2/15/11 Evelyn Brown Descriptive Emotions The moment in time when a couple meets is usually a magical, life changing moment. The author of The Shadow of the Wind , Carlos Ruiz Zafon shows two different ways of seeing this magical moment. The first way this café is shown is through its old world charms. The second is through a creepier light, showing the darker side of things. The main character, Daniel, is the one describing this café in the way that he sees it. He is conflicted in this passage. While every kid wants to believe that where their parents met was magical, he also sees the dark, eerie side of this café. Daniel’s mindset, that his parents met in a nice place, makes him see what most people would see as creepy to be charming. Daniel’s emotions and implied mindset show us one thing, while his descriptive language in the passage shows us the complete opposite. “Els Quatre Gats was just a five minute walk from our house and one of my favorite haunts. My parents had met there in 1932, and I attributed my one-way ticket into this world inpart to the old café’s charms. Stone dragons guarded a lamp-lit façade anchored in shadows. Inside, voices seemed shaded by the echoes of other times. Accountants, dreamers, and would-be geniuses shared tables with specters of Pablo
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Brockmiller 2 Picasso, Isaac Albeniz, Federico Garcia Lorca, and Salvador Dali. There any poor devil could pass for a historical figure for the price of a small coffee” (Zafon 13). This café is guarded by stone dragons, which, in most cultures, is usually attributed to dark places. The façade of this café is also lamp lit, which always has a dark feeling to it.
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