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Lauren Brockmiller 1/12/2011 BOT 121 Weekly Blog Honestly, I have never studied Evolution. I was raised in the Christian faith, so it has always been accepted that God created the earth in seven days. But through taking this class, I hope to learn more about what drives people to believe so hard core in Evolution; to see why people are convinced that it has to be true. I’m pretty excited to learn a new way of thinking about the earth and life in general. I say that “Truth without certainty” means that there is truth in what we believe now. Our beliefs and facts about this world are always changing, so should our way of thinking. Years ago, we believed that the earth was flat and that you would fall right off of it if you went far enough. In fact, it was considered to be a fact. But, we have since learned otherwise. Because of this new fact that we discovered, we changed the way we thought about the earth. I think the way science is always changing to adapt to new discoveries is a strength in some ways
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