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Get rich or get even Extra Credit

Get rich or get even Extra Credit - farms talked about in...

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Lauren Brockmiller BOT 121 Extra Credit Get rich or get even? Linking biodiversity and herbivore suppression The big picture addressed in this seminar was the question “is there value for herbivore control and greater predator diversity?” The way this question was approached was through their research of the life and predators of the Colorado Potato Beetle. There are four main predators to these beetles some of which include Fungi, Lady Bugs, and “Big Eyed Bugs.” The main conclusions of the talk were that species richness is really important and that without the predators, we would have Potato Beetles EVERYWHERE! The impact this has on society is really shown through the impact it has on farmers. These farmers are basically relying on one good potato season in four growing seasons to support their families. Most of the potato
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Unformatted text preview: farms talked about in this seminar are commercial farms, and since MacDonald’s and Cisco are requiring farmers to use fewer pesticides, this information is very valuable to them. If they can find out how to get rid of these Potato Beetles, it could save them a lot of money and this research is showing one way of eliminating these beetles. If I could ask this speaker one question it would be have you tried to find a spray that would fall under MacDonald’s and Cisco’s standards that can also eliminate these beetles? I would ask this because I feel that even though the study shows that the beetle population can be managed through correct predators, very rarely do you find these combinations of predators just as they were done in the lab....
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