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Special Creationism was an idea brought about by Aristotle. This states that God created everything the way it is right now. Nothing came before or after another. The discovery of a New World was something that challenged this idea. Europe, Africa, and Asia were mentioned in the Bible. But this “New World” was not. This challenged that the Bible knew everything. There were new species that the Bible mentioned nothing about. How could these new plants and animals not be mentioned when all the others were? Since I portrayed Aristotle in class, I have decided to write about him. Aristotle introduced the idea of “Scala Naturae.” This was what most considered to be the “natural hierarchy” of organisms. It made sense at the time. Humans were at the top, and plants at the bottom. It just clicked. Aristotle also
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Unformatted text preview: introduced the idea of an “Unchanging Nature.” He also said that everything in nature had a purpose. Ran fell to make the grass grow. Plants grew up to reach the sunlight. I chose Aristotle because he is the one who really started it all. His contributions set the curve for everyone else. They had to expand on what he wrote. He was the first. What could be more interesting than that? If I could ask Darwin one thing I would say “When you were observing and trying to figure out the science of evolution, did you think you would be as famous as you are today?” I would ask him this because now days, when people think evolution, they think “Darwin.”...
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