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Lauren Brockmiller Weekly Blog 3 Due 2/2/10 2. Describe and explain the basis of the two main arguments against using the term “Darwinism” as a synonym for evolutionary theory as described by Scott and Branch (“Don’t Call it ‘Darwinism’). In your opinion, what are the strengths and/or weaknesses of these arguments (1 paragraph) [Reading is in Course documents] 1. Operational Science is the testing of recurring events. Things that happen over and over in nature are the basis of operational science. Origin science is the attempt to understand singular events such as the origin of life. Origin science can’t be proved or disproved because they only happen once. The Opposing Creationist View article provides the fact that Origin science can be disproved. Because this type of science can be disproved, it can also be proved. People often lean towards the “best” explanation, and then can find reasons to disprove the original explanation. The Creationism, Ideology, and Science article poses the idea that the two are essentially the
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