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week 5 blog - Coyne supports this thesis by talking about...

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1) Coyne states that vestigial traits make sense "only in the light of evolution". How does Coyne define “vestigial trait” and what is his reasoning and support for his statement? Propose an alternative non- evolutionary hypothesis that might explain vestigial traits. What kind of data would support your hypothesis? Coyne describes “vestigial trait” as “a feature of a species that was an adaptations in its ancestors, but that has either lost its usefulness completely or has been co-opted for new uses.
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Unformatted text preview: Coyne supports this thesis by talking about the wings of the ostrich. The ostrich doesn’t use its wings, but it is, it like all nonflying birds, descended from flying birds. Honestly, I cannot think of another reason for vestigial traits. They had to have come from somewhere and had something at one point. As a Christian, God would not have made a part that is not relevant to life. So it the vestigial trait must have been useful at some point, but has, overtime, changed to suit new living conditions....
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