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Psych 108 STUDY

Psych 108 STUDY - PREATTENTIVE PROCESSING o Occurs when we...

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PREATTENTIVE PROCESSING o Occurs when we automatically, effortlessly respond to stimuli. Born with certain reflexs. EXAMPLE: finding red dot amongst blue x’s. doesn’t need any effort ATTENTIONAL PROCESSING o Have to be deliberate/consciously aware o 1. AUTOMATIC ATTENTION/AUTOMATICITY: decisions in which you are not consciously aware often occur frequently in repeated situations o Stroop Effect o Attentional Blink: turning the “spotlight” off and on. The phenomenon that the second of the two targest cannot be detected or identified when it appears close in time to the first. o Repitition Blindness: when reading a sentence, if a word appears twice and close together you don’t say the second one because automatic processing doesn’t involve deep analysis of stimuli and you think you’ve already said it. o 2. CONTROLLED ATTENTIONAL PROCESSING o Available to conscious understanding. You know when they are operating.
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