Homework #2 ES 105

Homework #2 ES 105 - Chelsea Mosser Environmental 105...

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Chelsea Mosser Environmental 105 Homework 2 1. Most of the art of low-temp solar energy collection depends on our ability to use glass and surfaces with selective properties which allow solar radiation to pass through but block the re-radiation of long-wave infrared. Glass is transparent to visible light (short wave) but visible to long wave radiation. The maximum intensity for thermal long wave infrared ate 3,500 nanometers and the wavelengths for maximum intensity from the sun are 300 nanometers. 2. Low temp solar energy applications include: district heating fed by waste heat from existing conventional power stations or from industrial processes, small scale combined heat and power generation plant, and heat pumps. Most of these have the advantages of running all year round. These practices are much more efficient to make heat. Also, in the UK, almost half of the end-use duel is for low temperature heating, and over 80% of delivered energy use in the domestic sector is in this form. They have much more applications. 3. Solar water heating is beneficial because every solar water heater installed saves not only on fuel but on building new power plants for producing electricity. Solar heat can be substituted for fossil fuelled electricity used for low temperature heating purposes, and is beneficial in building a photovoltaic or solar thermal power system to generate an equivalent amount of extra electricity. It can also be used all year round. Swimming pool heating for solar system is simple, which is why it is the most energy efficient use of
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Homework #2 ES 105 - Chelsea Mosser Environmental 105...

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