Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Southeast Asia 1 Tsunami is a...

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Chapter 10 Southeast Asia 1. Tsunami is a seismic earthquake generated sea wave that can attain gigantic proportions and cause coastal devastation. 2. Buffer zone is country or set of countries separating ideological or political adversaries. In southern Asia, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Bhutan were part of a buffer zone between British and Russian-Chinese imperial spheres. 3. Shatter belt a regional caught between stronger, colliding external cultural political corporal, under persistent strews, and often fragmented by aggressive rivals. 4. Overseas Chinese is more than 50 million ethnic Chinese who live outside China. 5. Organic theory is Friedrich Ratzel’s theory of state development that conceptualized the state as a biological organism whose life from birth through maturation to eventual senility and collapse mirrors that of any living thing. 6. State boundaries are the borders that surround states which, in effect are derived through contracts with neighboring stated negotiated by treaty. 7.
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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Southeast Asia 1 Tsunami is a...

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