Chapter 11 Austral Realm

Chapter 11 Austral Realm - area while New Zealand it is...

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Chapter 11 Austral Realm 1. Physiographic contrasts between massive, compact Australia and elongated, fragmented New Zealand are related to their location with respect to the Earth’s tectonic plates. Earth quakes are rare in Australia, and volcanic eruption is unknown, but New Zealand has plenty of both due to being less stale, lies at the convulsive convergence of the Australian and Pacific plates. Australia has an area of humid temperate climate and here lies most of the country’s economic core
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Unformatted text preview: area, while New Zealand it is totally under the influence of the Southern and Pacific oceans. The population in Australia is heavily concentrated in a core area that likes in the east and southeast, most of which faces the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand patterns of settlement is similar 86 percent of the total population is in the core area in the industries, mostly the processing and packing of livestock and farm products and government jobs....
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