Chapter 12 Pacific Realm

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Chapter 12 Pacific Realm 1. Marine geography is the geographic study of oceans and seas. Its practitioners investigate the physical coral reef biogeography, ocean atmosphere interactions, coastal geomorphology as well as human maritime boundary making fisheries, beachside development aspects of oceanic environment. 2. Territorial sea a zone of seawater adjacent to a country’s coast held to be part of the national territory and treated as component of the sovereign state. 3. High seas are the areas of the oceans away from land, beyond national jurisdiction open and free for all to use. 4. Continental shelf beyond the coastlines of many landmasses the ocean floor declines very gently until the depth of about 660 feet (200 m. Beyond the 660 foot line the sea bottom usually drops off sharply, along the continental slope toward the much deeper mid oceanic basin. 5. Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is an oceanic zone extending up to 200 nautical
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Unformatted text preview: miles from a shoreline, within which the coastal state can control fishing, mineral exploitation, and additional activities by all other countries. 6. Maritime boundary is an international boundary that lies in the ocean. 7. Median-line boundary is an international maritime boundary drawn where the width of a sea is less than 400 nautical miles. Because the states on either side of that sea claim exclusive economic zones of 200 nautical miles. 8. High-island cultures are volcanic island of the Pacific Realm that is high enough in elevation to wrest substantial moisture from the tropical ocean air. 9. Low-island cultures is the low lying coral islands of the Pacific Realm that unlike high islands cannot wrest sufficient moisture from the tropical ocean air to avoid chronic drought. 10. Antarctic Treaty is the international cooperative agreement on the use of Antarctic territory....
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