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CCE-5035 Project and Construction Management A Brief Tutorial on the use of PRIMAVERA PROJECT PLANNER, Version 3.1 with 25 Reports. (Based on Jay Newitt’s “Construction Scheduling”). INTRODUCTION. The most powerful scheduling program is the Primavera Project Planner. It is frequently referred to as “P3,” and is an extremely popular project management software program of major construction firms and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The two other popular scheduling software programs are SureTrack (also developed by Primavera) and Project (developed by Microsoft). Because P3 and SureTrack are both Primavera products, project scheduling information can be exchanged between the two. A major advantage to P3 as compared to SureTrack and Microsoft Project is that P3 has the capability of the same schedule being created and updated at the same times by several managers. The following instructions are presented chronologically and are based on how many experienced managers use the software , rather than explaining every detail and feature of the software. These instructions contain examples and assignments that teach how to use the software to communicate and manage the project. These instructions cover only the basics of P3. Learn these basics so you can start scheduling now, and then as you become proficient with scheduling you can learn additional details as you find a need for them. You will find this software to be extremely valuable in helping you control your projects rather than your projects controlling you. As you work through the instructions, make sure you are thinking . Don’t allow yourself to get into the mode of just carrying out the instructions without engaging your mind. Make sure what you are doing is logical and makes sense. If you think as you do this, you will quickly learn how to use P3. Do not get frustrated if everything doesn’t work as you expect. Generally, learning anything, whether engineering or computer software, accelerates when things go wrong. Keep thinking and trying and you will figure out anything. 1
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. The Help buttons are very useful when you feel lost or confused. There is also a Help feature and a tutorial under Help on the Menu bar. Each P3 window also displays a Help button that will provide help directly for that window. The schedule shown in Figure 1 is for the construction of a warehouse that will be used to learn P3. It shows the network logic diagram developed during a meeting with the management team. The warehouse is to be supervised by two superintendents: Bill and John. John is particularly good at overseeing the earthwork and the structure activities. Bill will be brought in to manage the finishing activities, basically from the insulation to completion. The number in the circle represents the activity ID number. The 35 work days calculated to complete the project is in accordance with the contract provisions. Figure 1.
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Tutorial-for-P3 - CCE-5035 Project and Construction...

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