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DE-Lecture24-Productivity - Dredging Dredging Engineering...

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Dredging Engineering Lecture Lecture 24 24 Productivity - SPT “N” versus cutter-head power hp cutter - Production rates Luis Prieto-Portar 2010
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Production Rates for a Suction Cutter-head Dredge. The first step in determining the unit of production of a suction cutter-head dredge is to determine (1) the power hp cutter of its cutter-head motor (hydraulic or electrical), (2) followed by the power hp pump of the dredge pump. Small dredges have a single engine that powers both the cutter-head and the pump. Medium and large dredges have separate power units to handle each separately. On the next slide is an empirical (“heuristic”) graph of the power required to cut into different sediments. The power requirement is a function of the SPT value “ N ”, corrected for both sampling errors and depth. The graph shows an example of a sediment to be dredged that was tested with a split- spoon sampler. Driving the sampler required a corrected value of N = 10. In order for
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DE-Lecture24-Productivity - Dredging Dredging Engineering...

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