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Calculations Procedure - Procedure to Calculate the Wind...

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Procedure to Calculate the Wind Pressures on a 30-Story Bldg. Prepare an Excel or MathCad spreadsheet that permits you to calculate the wind forces upon a 30-story high at each slab level. Assume a 60 foot square building (with 10-feet heights per floor), using ASCE-7. Show both MWFR Given: - 30 stories building height = 30 x 10 ft = 300 ft. - 60 ft x 60 ft square building plan area - Wind Velocity: assume 146 MPH for the downtown Miami area - Assume an exposure C - Nature of occupancy: assume category I Step 1. : Determine I, the importance factor: assume category I Step 2. : Select the basic wind speed V for the location the building from the 50-year mean recurrence interval map. In this case choose V= 146 MPH, mandatory in the Florida Building Code. We are not using load combinations specified in sections 2.3 and 2.4 therefore we are not going to use wind directional factor Kd. Step 3. : Determine an exposure category and velocity pressure coefficients Kz or Kh, as applicable must be determined for each wind direction. In this case we assume exposure C. From Table 6-5 (ASCE 7-98) for exposure C and height above ground level z = 300 feet we get Kh and Kz = 1.40
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Step 4. : Determine the ratio of height to least horizontal dimension H/W and the fundamental frequency f of the building. If H/W< 5 and f>1HZ, the building can be considered nonflexible, permitting simpler expressions for
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Calculations Procedure - Procedure to Calculate the Wind...

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